Jesus Jingles are short music videos that have both Bible verses AND their Bible locations rhymed into the lyrics. The ultimate goal is encouraging children to learn Scripture. Jesus Jingles is not only music, but also includes a complete FAST Track Teacher Guide that includes bible studies, fun games, artistic activities, and music lessons to match each song.  

Best of all, Jesus Jingles is adaptable for any learning environment. In large groups or small, Jesus Jingles makes learning Bible verses fun. It is easily incorporated into Sunday school lessons or children’s choir settings. The professionally produced music and videos can be used either as a supplement to these programs or enjoyed at home.

Jesus Jingles is currently looking for singers and video talent for our upcoming productions. Located in Dalton, GA (close to Chattanooga, TN) we are seeking local talent with an interest in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. If you are interested in this opportunity please fill out the forms on the tabs “Sing With Us” or “Be On Camera.” We look forward to hearing from you.